A completely lucid dream could be perfectly tangible, wealthy and aesthetically detailed.

When probed, it may generate apparently impossible amounts of self awareness – for example 360-degree vision, multiple synchronised dreams, as well as visual representations from the fifth dimension.

Because all this happens in your thoughts, the dream world is infinite. No laws and regulations. No limitations. No restrictions. Whatever you can conceive of comes true.

You are able to seize control of the dream and warp The Matrix like Neo. Fly and soar over metropolitan areas like Ironman. Decelerate time such as the dream amounts of Beginning. Have sexual intercourse with celebs. Fight just like a ninja. Re-live childhood recollections. Base jump. Survive dying.

However a lucid dream isn’t just an illusion playground.

Dream ideas suggest it’s an opportunity to communicate with other areas of the psyche (by speaking to various dream figures) as well as your co-conscious inner self (by speaking towards the very fabric from the dream).

Knowing how to be lucid in dreams, you’ll uncover an unusual ” new world ” – a whole world, believe it or not – which you will know and may manipulate with the strength of thought.