Dream control takes over as soon as you feel lucid (whenever you notice that you are dreaming).

The greater conscious you feel from the dream atmosphere, the simpler it’s to control. There’s a couple of new ways to shape your dreams because they occur, for example:

Positively will what you would like to occur, like waking existence (eg, you walk up to and including wall and can your arm to proceed it). This is actually the most intuitive method although not always the very best in case your lucidity is waning.

Say your desire aloud and allow the dream present it (eg, say “I’ve super forces and am the only survivor of the zombie apocalypse”). You will be empowered from your own words and also the dream will oblige.

So, it requires just a little becoming accustomed to determining your dreams. That is because lucid dreams really are a completely unique and new atmosphere for you – by which your conscious and unconscious collide.

When fully lucid, you will find that you are able to exert considerable control of your lucid dreams. Or passively love this particular condition of increased awareness, watching the dream unfold in the initially intended condition.

The golden rule for lucid dream manipulation is that this: which makes it real in your thoughts… causes it to be take place in the dream.

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